Ode to a Noble Soul

He was always the first I’d tend to every morning. Despite his age and eyesight loss, he could hear me well. Often when I’d get to the sunroom, the cats were asleep on either side of him in his bed. All the dogs loved Banjo. He would get smothered with doggie kisses as all the pups were on their way out.

From My Heart

For me, it’s a spiritual quest . . . and I promise that what they bring to my world is equal if not more than what I give them. How magical dogs and all animals are, when we take the time to acknowledge them. Our dogs today are a product of millennia of selective breeding and genetic programming to be the perfect companion, the only species that is born in love with us humans, as ungrateful and undeserving as we are. No human ever has to walk this earth alone, regardless of life circumstances, thanks to the beautiful heart of a dog.

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