Annie’s Journey

Her eyes were so captivating and she always waited patiently by the door until I came to feed her. As it turned out, there was no rescue waiting for her or they backed out, so Annie had nowhere to go. Several people contacted some of the rescues to see if there was any interest in her. . .

Kitties in a Box

I arrived there to pick up a mama cat with newborn kittens and deliver them to Dr. Becky. While I was there, Sandy pointed out some of her “favorite” and/or most at risk dogs, as she always does. We tagged some of them for pulling the following week and then went to the “cat room”.

Graceful Determination

He had been covered in ticks so he had been a stray for quite awhile. The fact that someone didn’t love enough to look for him when he disappeared always grips my heart. His eyes are soft and liquid as he quietly returns your gaze. He leans casually against the gate while you talk to him and you can almost. . .

Life Without Blessings

Maybe for just a day, a “magic wand” could swish away every dog on the planet. What would it be like to live in a world without a single dog? Maybe if we could imagine that, there would be no need for a shelter system. The human species spent 3000 years cultivating the “perfect partner” and now they are simply taken for granted, ignored and tossed away like a worthless commodity. How many would notice or care that they were gone? How different would our lives be for just that one day?

Decisive Moments

As I started the engine, my thoughts went back to cage 3. What if no one came along and pulled/adopted him because he just appeared too “ordinary?” What if no one took the time to see the joy and love in this little dog’s eyes and he was dragged to the “death room?”

Falling in Love with Kiki

I don’t know how to love just a little. All my life it’s always been all or nothing, be it man or beast. So, it’s quite easy for me to fall in love with the dogs that come into my life as part of this “death row” dog mission, and it doesn’t take long. It’s a bittersweet moment when I hand them over to their “new” home. For me to turn my back on these dogs is not an option, despite the pain of letting go.

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