Delivery Day

Getting a pallet of 1000 lbs of dog food from the National Greyhound re-donation program is almost as thrilling as bringing a new dog into the pack . . . it makes the day seem like Christmas, because both cases are full of fun and surprises.

The Money Thing

The Money Thing

If we are going to make a difference in reducing the mass euthanasia of companion animals (at least 5000 healthy, adoptable dogs are deliberately destroyed every day), it will take more than shuffling dogs through various rescues/homes and extensive spay/neutering programs.

Feeding Our “Extraordinary Dogs”

Feeding Our “Extraordinary Dogs”

The proof is in the appearance and behavior of the dogs . . . all are a healthy weight (a couple are prone to “chunkiness”), their appetites are good meaning they eat at a normal pace and not over-voraciously, coats are shiny and thick, their eyes are clear, bright and sparkle, and, last but not least, feces have a well-formed consistency.

What Are You “Shaping?”

Imagine if you and all the rest of humanity were suddenly transported to an alien environment – I mean REALLY alien —where EVERYTHING is different and topsy-turvy, e.g. turning a door knob opens a trap door, turning on a light switch flushes the toilet, unknown objects have unknown effects with some of them involving pain.

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