The Money Thing

The Money Thing

If we are going to make a difference in reducing the mass euthanasia of companion animals (at least 5000 healthy, adoptable dogs are deliberately destroyed every day), it will take more than shuffling dogs through various rescues/homes and extensive spay/neutering programs.

Feeding Our “Extraordinary Dogs”

Feeding Our “Extraordinary Dogs”

The proof is in the appearance and behavior of the dogs . . . all are a healthy weight (a couple are prone to “chunkiness”), their appetites are good meaning they eat at a normal pace and not over-voraciously, coats are shiny and thick, their eyes are clear, bright and sparkle, and, last but not least, feces have a well-formed consistency.

What Are You “Shaping?”

Imagine if you and all the rest of humanity were suddenly transported to an alien environment – I mean REALLY alien —where EVERYTHING is different and topsy-turvy, e.g. turning a door knob opens a trap door, turning on a light switch flushes the toilet, unknown objects have unknown effects with some of them involving pain.

Permission to “Cuddle”

Think about what happens to you if you are truly frightened . . . the kind of terror that threatens your life, and the drive to survive supersedes all other drives. When your life depends on it, you will either “run for your life” or fight for it. If you’re on a plane hijacked by terrorists, you have the same “fight or flight” instinct associated with fear.

Digestive Distress

The following three items are an indispensable part of “digestive distress” first aid kit, and I always keep it stocked especially since I pull dogs from “death row.” These dogs are usually in pretty bad condition when they’re impounded, and in worse shape when they leave.

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