Know Your Dog (and your veterinarian! )

The information covered in this link is not “just rumors.” Those of us who are trying to reform the “animal control system” (like Roswell’s “death camp”) have been trying to find out what happens to the animals who simply disappear from the records, why the intake numbers are NOT consecutive, and where the euthanized pets go (they claim the landfill.)

Good Bye, Taste of the Wild

  I have researched dog foods extensively and done my own informal non-scientific “studies” with my own dogs.  In my previous posts, I recommended Taste of the Wild and I had been using it, but noticed that I had to feed more of it for the dogs to maintain...

Feigning Fear?

He knew what was coming thanks to his acute sense of hearing or because he felt the change in barometric pressure or both. His interest in the Frisbee was waning quickly, his panting was more elevated, lots of tongue flicking and his tail was dropping lower between his legs. When he refused to chase the Frisbee and started pacing nervously,

To “Treat” or NOT?

  One of my clients, “Jill”  and her lively beagle/terrier  mix, “Spot”, obviously aliases to protect the guilty, came to me with what Jill described as “maddening behavior” on Spot’s part.  In the first session, I require clients to bring their dog’s favorite treats...
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