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UPDATE (March 12, 2020)



We thank all of you who continue to support our dogs.

Please continue to share to your network.  Facebook algorithms are not supportive of business pages (including nonprofits) and delete many of our fundraising posts from the newsfeed.  Please consider subscribing to our MONTHLY GIVING PROGRAM . . . we have nice incentives to offer you for your commitment.   

We are trying to move more toward a revenue-generating model so we don’t have to beg.  We invite you to become one of our patrons on PATREON.  The lowest tier is only $1 per month and will give you access to exclusive information.

Thank you for any help you can give us and for supporting our “extraordinary dogs!”

We are trying to anticipate any supply delays for our dog food due to the current disruptions to “normalcy.”  We have to have a decent supply of dog food, so we are asking for a little help.   Our only other current fundraiser is our online store, The Puppy Potpourri and has not built up enough of a following yet to generate a regular supply of funds.Those of you who have donated in the past and who follow and support us, know that this is the only thing we specifically ask for help with.

We have included a paypal button for those who like to use paypal, and our regular donation form for those who do NOT want to use paypal. Both are linked to our nonprofit account.   You can also mail a check payable to EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC., P. O. Box 1165, Capitan, NM 88316.  Just message us so that we can look for it.




More Ways To Help Our Dogs!



Be sure to visit our online store for vintage, unique, and collectible items.  All proceeds are used for the direct care of our resident animals.

Join our Monthly Giving Program and earn some nice incentives for subscribing to a monthly donation of dog food.

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