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UPDATE (September 3, 2018)



Thanks to your help and your generosity, we are inching closer to our goal, as you can see on the circle graph below.

We are happy to report  that our application to Monarch Pet Food distributors was approved, thanks to Fromm Family Foods.Most dog food manufacturers have certain conditions (like an accessible store front, etc) before accepting wholesale applicants. But Fromm made an exception in our case because they are so supportive of the rescue community.  Our shipment of Fromm dog food should be arriving this week and we are very excited about this partnership.

Because we will be transitioning from a primarily beef-based food to poultry, we are going to have to take time to transition without causing our dogs any digestive distress. This means that for the next couple of months we will need to do double shipments of both dog food brands. By November, we hope that the order cost will stabilize to a consistent amount that will reflect a substantial discount.

Please continue to share to your network.  To show our gratitude to all our donors, we will be sending you a coupon to use for your complimentary copy of our e-book, “What You Should Know About Your Dog’s Food” and a working copy of the excel spreadsheet I use to analyze dog food content.

Thank you for any help you can give us and for supporting our “extraordinary dogs!”



Campaign Goal: $5500

This campaign is for MATCHING FUNDS and the goal amount represents 50% of what we need for the rest of the year (until December 2018).



Because we buy so much from a small store, we are having to special order about 400 lbs at one time, twice a month.  So this means about $400-$500 every 2 weeks. Our only other current fundraiser is our online store, “The Puppy Potpourri” and has not built up enough of a following yet to generate a regular supply of funds.Those of you who have donated in the past and who follow and support us, know that this is the only thing we specifically ask for help with.

We have some maintenance issues that we need to attend to and my retirement funds can’t do both.  So we will be posting another campaign specifically for the equipment we need. We handle everything else . . . vet bills, flea and tick treatments, grooming, training and equipment, other operational costs, and we don’t post “sensationalized stories” to tug at your heartstrings in order to get a donation.  Our dogs certainly have their pawprints on our hearts and endear themselves to us every single day.


Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to the healing and retraining of “death row” dogs.  Every one of our residents appreciates every donation, large or small!Thank you!

More Ways To Help Our Dogs!



Be sure to visit our online store for vintage, unique, and collectible items.  All proceeds are used for the direct care of our resident animals.

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