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UPDATE (July 5, 2019)



Thanks to your help and your generosity, we are inching closer to this current campaign’s goall, as you can see on the circle graph below.

Please continue to share to your network.  To show our gratitude to all our donors, we will be sending you a coupon to use for your complimentary copy of our e-book, “What You Should Know About Your Dog’s Food” and a working copy of the excel spreadsheet I use to analyze dog food content.. . . we’re about 75% complete toward publication.

Thank you for any help you can give us and for supporting our “extraordinary dogs!”

Per our agreement with the distributors for Fromm, we have to order a minimum of $500  at one time, usually twice a month to meet our needs. .  So this means about $600-$800 every 2-3 weeks, depending on the reliability of the freight company.   Our only other current fundraiser is our online store, “The Puppy Potpourri” and has not built up enough of a following yet to generate a regular supply of funds.Those of you who have donated in the past and who follow and support us, know that this is the only thing we specifically ask for help with.

For this campaign, a generous and kind donor has offered to match funds IF WE REACH 50% OF OUR GOAL.  This is a critical need for us to keep our dogs healthy.




More Ways To Help Our Dogs!



Be sure to visit our online store for vintage, unique, and collectible items.  All proceeds are used for the direct care of our resident animals.

Join our Monthly Giving Program and earn some nice incentives for subscribing to a monthly donation of dog food.

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