One of our most important funds is DOG FOOD

Monthly Dog Food Fund

The Challenge

Nutrition is so important and we probably feed our dogs a better quality food than many owners do their personal pets. With so much “bad stuff” happening with our food supply, it’s worse for pet food.  We research everything we feed our dogs.

This is the one area where we put out a plea about every two months when our supply begins to dwindle.  We currently have a campaign that needs to reach its goal by Feb 21st.  Ideally, we would like to have a monthly giving program in place so that we don’t have to “beg.”  Our monthly dog food bill is $1000 -1300, depending on whether we continue participation in re-donation program through NGAP.

Things have to be done for the dogs in our care and we can’t always wait to have enough money to cover it, so I usually “subsidize” veterinary care out of my personal funds, including spays, neuters and microchipping.  The only cause we asked for help with was Cheyenne’s heartworm treatment because it was so expensive and we were in the middle of a distemper issue from a dirty facility.  We are still paying that bill monthly as my personal budget allows.

The Solution

Ten (10) people donating $50 per month would make a significant difference to our fund.  Twenty-five (25) people at $50 per month would completely cover our monthly bill for dog food (and treats!), and allow us to work on upgrading more kennels, beds, dental cleaning,  training and enrichment equipment . . . I have big dreams and I adore every dog that has found his or her way to us!

If we use only the Victor dog food, our cost per pound is $1.04 for a monthly total of $1360.  We use the Professional and mix in the Yukon for the salmon content and the lamb meal formula for variety and for those who need a little higher fat content.  We have also found that the more “high strung” dogs like Brooklyn need a higher protein formula.  When we do have enough money to order a pallet from NGAP, we can reduce the cost to $.80 per pound, depending on the brands that are included.  This saves us about $300 per month, which is significant.  So we are continuing this campaign because quite simply we’ve already used what we raised and it’s barely halfway through the month.  You can check our post about how and why we feed our the dogs the way we do.

Our Mission

The mission of Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is to provide rescued “death row” dogs with the skills and training to help them become extraordinary canine friends for life to their adopted family.

Feeding Our ||Extraordinary Dogs||

A lot of research went into our choice of dog food, especially when I started learning about the plight of dogs euthanized in animal control facilities and the alarming rise of cancer in our pets.


For the past year,  our base kibble has been the Victor dry dog food line.  They have a 4-5 star rating on Dog Food Advisor, and none of their ingredients is “outsourced.”  The proof is in the appearance and behavior of the dogs . . .  all are a healthy weight (a couple are prone to “chunkiness”),  their appetites are good meaning they eat at a normal pace and not over-voraciously, coats are shiny and thick, their eyes are clear, bright and sparkle,  and,  last but not least, feces have a well-formed consistency.


We have set up an easy and safe way for you to contribute each month with the  button below.  All of your information is entered into our database and is NEVER shared with a third group. (we had an offer from a crowdfunding site to handle our email contacts if we provided them with our list . . . we refused.  Your information is sacred to us.)


Monthly Giving Fund


Youcaring Campaign


Pawprints on the Heart Contest



For your convenience, we’ve included the link for the Youcaring campaign, and the “DONATE” button to set up recurring monthly contributions.

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