Terms of Adoption

The following are required before adoption is approved:

1.  Completed  preliminary adoption application  and “The Dog of My Dreams ” questionnaire.   (You will be redirected to a site that has a dedicated IP and SSL certificate to protect your personal information.)  The preliminary application is very brief and only gathers rudimentary information.  We place much more value on personal communication.  The “Dog of my Dreams” questionnaire is designed to help you think about what you want in a dog, and helps us to select a suitable candidate for you.

2.   A narrative submitted via email that A)  cites your reasons for wanting this particular dog   and B)  describes the dog’s daily life as well as special events with you.

3. Interview in person or via phone.

4.  Two references:  One is a recommendation from your veterinarian and from our veterinarian, if necessary or required,  Dr. Becky Washburn-Brown; the second reference is from a non-family member who is familiar with your relationship with your pets.

5.  Successful home visit.  For non-local applicants, photos/videos of where the dog will live as well as a reference that will verify the location submitted.  (this is in addition to the references required in #3)

6.   Signed contract of adoption.  Please note that several “meet and greets” may be required before the adoption can be completed, especially if the dog is showing discomfort in going with you.  The final decision is always the dog’s.

7.  Adoption donation of $175  (this includes spay, neuter, vaccinations, heartworm testing and microchipping. . . this is the minimum you would pay to animal control if you adopted the dog directly from them with NO vet care and NO vaccinations and without microchipping)


The following are the terms of adoption that are listed in the contract.  Safeguards are in place to ensure as much as possible that the dog will never be abandoned, surrendered or harmed in any way.


1.  The Adopted Dog: We, EXTRAORDINARY DOGS (also used interchangeably with EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC.), are placing the following described dog/puppy with you, the Adopter, for adoption by you as a companion dog and family member:


Name________________ M__ F__




Date of Birth:__________________


2. Adoption Donation: To assist Extraordinary Dogs in its mission to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from high-kill shelters, Adopter agrees to make a non-refundable donation of at least $225.   This donation is immediately used to pay the ongoing veterinary and feeding costs for the rescue pets in the care of Extraordinary Dogs.  In no way does this monetary transaction constitute a SALE or PURCHASE of Adopted Pet.


3.  No Right to Transfer: Adopter understands and agrees that the Adopted Dog will never be abandoned, given, surrendered or sold to another person, company, organization, medical research, pound, animal shelter or other rescue organization.  If at any time in the future the Adopter cannot keep the Adopted Dog,  Adopter will return the Adopted Dog to Extraordinary Dogs.


In the event of death of Adopter, the Adopted Dog will be returned to Extraordinary Dogs. If a surviving family member wishes to keep Adopted Pet, he/she will contact Extraordinary Dogs to arrange transfer of ownership.


4.  Appropriate Veterinary Care    Adopter agrees to provide routine and appropriate veterinary care for the Adopted Dog as suitable for the geographical region and as determined by a licensed veterinarian.

If the Adopted Dog has not been spayed or neutered at the time of adoption,  spay/neuter costs will be prepaid by EXTRAORDINARY DOGS at the clinic of Dr. Becky Washburn-Brown.  If Adopter chooses to use another veterinary clinic, Adopter agrees to be responsible for all spay/neuter costs and provide EXTRAORDINARY DOGS with proof of spay/neuter.

Adopted Dog may NOT be euthanized for a treatable medical or behavioral condition, except in the case of Adopted Dog’s terminal illness or injury, or old age accompanied by pain and suffering and with the concurring opinion of a licensed veterinarian. A licensed veterinarian in a private clinic or hospital must perform the euthanasia.  EXTRAORDINARY DOGS must be informed of a change in Adopted Dog’s health that would incur euthanasia PRIOR TO THE EUTHANASIA.

Adopter agrees to notify EXTRAORDINARY DOGS immediately if there is a change is the information regarding the Adopted Dog’s attending veterinarian.






5.  Care for Adopted Pet    Adopter agrees to provide a safe and loving home for Adopted Dog and acknowledges that the Adopted Dog is being adopted as a family dog/companion to live with the family inside the home and not in isolation or restricted by tether or otherwise to a yard or enclosure away from the home.

Adopter agrees to NOT use any aversive training methods that inflict prolonged physical pain, including and not limited to shocking devices and choke chain collars.

Adopter agrees to feed only commercial brands of dog food that are on the approved list and/or supplemented with wholesome home-cooked meals.  The approved list of dog food brands are:

Dog foods from the list here that have at least a 4 star rating are also acceptable.

Adopter also agrees to feed only healthy treats and to allow safe toys.

Adopter agrees to NOT feed any jerky treats (unless homemade) or any other food items NOT totally manufactured in the USA (No products where any ingredients are imported from or outsourced to China).  Adopter also agrees to NOT feed any rawhide products (these are known to sometimes cause bowel obstructions or choking).

6.  Indemnification  Adopter understands and agrees that EXTRAORDINARY DOGS makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition or safety of the animal.  Adopter hereby accepts the Adopted Dog as is, assumes all risks and responsibilities associated with the ownership/guardianship of the Adopted Dog, including bites, and hereby fully and completely releases, indemnifies and holds harmless EXTRAORDINARY DOGS, its directors, officers, volunteers, and employees from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort or nature, whether known or unknown, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the adoption, care or ownership, maintenance, temperament or condition of the Adopted Dog.  Adopter agrees that all expenses incurred after taking possession of Adopted Dog will be the  sole responsibility of the Adopter.

7.  Change of Address  Adopter agrees to notify EXTRAORDINARY DOGS within three (3) weeks of change  of address and/or phone number with the new updated information which includes physical and mailing address, phone number and email.

8.  Microchipping   The Adopted Dog is microchipped at no cost to the Adopter with EXTRAORDINARY DOGS/Helene Kobelnyk listed as the primary contact.  Adopter’s information is entered as the next contact.  Adopter agrees to contact EXTRAORDINARY DOGS immediately if Adopted Dog is lost or stolen so that EXTRAORDINARY DOGS can assist in finding and returning the Adopted Dog to the Adopter.

9.  Proof of Ownership/Guardianship This Contract, or a copy thereof, shall serve as the Adopter’s proof of guardianship of the Adopted Dog and that guardianship of the Adopted Dog has been legally transferred to Adopter on the date of signature.

10.   Certification   The Adopter represents and certifies that he/she has never been subject to legal action for cruelty to or neglect of animals and that he/she has never participated in any activity that intentionally caused harm to animals, including and not limited to dog fighting. The Adopter further represents and certifies that he/she has never had an animal in his/her care confiscated by any animal control or humane organization for violations of state or local animal control regulations or animal adoption agreements.

11.  Additional Terms   The contract may contain additional requirements depending on the circumstances of the potential adopter.


I, _____________________,  have read and consent to all of the above. I understand this contract is legally binding and if there is any breach of its terms Extraordinary Dogs can and will reclaim Adopted Dog.  If I fail to surrender my pet under such circumstances I will be required to pay liquidated damages of $2000 plus attorney fees and costs. I agree that Extraordinary Dogs and/or its legal representative  has the right to immediately confiscate the Adopted Dog in the event that any statements made by me in the certification clause (item #10)  are found to be false and/or my check for the adoption fee is returned for insufficient funds.  

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